Sunday, April 01, 2007

Magnum Photographer's Blog

I'm really enjoying being subscribed to the Magnum Photographer's Blog, which is updated regularly and keeps me informed with their latest projects.
'Magnum Photos' is a photographic library which is co-operatively owned by its photographer-members. I assume this means that all benefit from the licensing of their stock photographic images rather than the business models of Getty Images or Corbis Corporation (owned by Bill Gates) where the man at the top reaps the rewards.
The library covers world news events, and is recognised by the outstanding quality of the photography.
I love these images of the Magnum Photographers in 1950 and then again in 2005, taken in Paris, France at their annual meeting. (both images are from their website and are (c) Magnum Photos, the second is taken by Peter Marlow.)


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