Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracey Moffatt at Stills, Edinburgh, UK

I discovered this short review of the exhibition at Stills (, Tracey Moffatt - Adventures.,action:view,id:159 I find it interesting that the review focuses solely on the work, and mentions nothing of its situ in the gallery space. Is it a concern that that the same show can have a dramatically different feel in a different exhibition space? Or does the work sometimes speak for itself, where the space is extinguished by the luminosity of the art?

I haven't seen the work at Stills, but I know the space, and I recently saw some of the works at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, within a very different context. My own experience in viewing art works in general is that the interaction with the work, the feel of the piece, can be very different with the slightest shifts in perception, caused by surrounding, mood, light...

I personally would find it interesting to be able to feel the through the review the existence of these works within that space, that context, that exhibition.

Tracey Moffatt - Adventure Series 5, 2004


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