Thursday, November 30, 2006

Photography in Dunedin...

IN my last post I highlighted some of the work from the talented graduands in the BFA programme at the School of Art, Dunedin. I wanted to add to that the critical work of some year 3 BFA students, who also exhibited work towards the end of this year .
Two such students are Bronwyn Williams and Shirin Khosraviani, both tackling different subject areas and photographic formats. (these students are being highlighted as I have access to images for their work, rather than any preference on my behalf of their work.)
Both students co-ordinated and exhibited their work in public spaces in Dunedin, which is no mean feat at this stage of their careers. They also hosted successful opening nights, ensuring that the art-going public of Dunedin had ample access to their work. This resulted in the type of public review and scrutiny that John Borley was trying to address in his project EXIT DUNEDIN, and something which I believe the School of Art does address throughout their BFA programme, allowing artists both exposure and experience of the world beyond the institutional walls.

SITE 2006 School of Art, Dunedin, NZ

The School of Art - Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, recently held its annual exhibition for BFA Graduands, SITE 06. Here is a small example of the excellent works produced in the photography department this year. Many positive comments were received by the artists on the day, which has encouraged their continued development as they leave the School of Art.

To have a look at some independent reviews of this work and the rest of the artists exhibiting (52 in total, utilising a wide range of media including sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and metalsmithing, textiles, printmaking, painting, digital + moving image and of course photography), please have a look here.

EXIT DUNEDIN is a project initiated by John Borley, and is in my opinion a great one to be involved in.
Part of the most interesting debate I hope, will arise in the following discussion here

I certainly have some questions which I hope will be answered, and some comments on some of the reviews. Some more on that later though...I think it only fair that I post my comments on their blog, before I unleash them in (relative) secret here....